Monthly Archives: June 2013

The Collector That Defines You

Many of us are hobbyists who like to collect things. Whether it is baseball cards, Beanie Babies or even collectible baby dolls, those of us who collect have a passion not just for the collection itself but for the process that drives us to find these items. That, more than anything is what drives me forward to collect. There are few things in my life that are as entertaining as going out to yard sales, garage sales and flea markets and rooting through one man’s trash for secret treasures. I collect all sorts of things just for the sake of it. Often I will sell what I find later but the true hobby is being what is known as a ‘Junkhound’. We are many and you can find us on those lazy Saturday and Sunday mornings going through all the yard sales that we can.

Cleaning My Home with a New Vacuum

I am going to write an experience I had with a new vacuum cleaning I bought the other day. The one I had before broke on me and I was so disappointed. I got this new Shark Rotator model since it seemed to do everything I wanted it to do and then some!

The one thing I always wondered about buildings is how do they get cleaned? I wonder if international architects think about that question when they build their buildings. How will they be cleaned? Would it be easy? I don’t know why I wonder these odd things while cleaning but it is at least somewhat relevant to it! I just know that this Shark Rotator is adequate for my home but would it be great to clean a high rise? I guess I will never know.

I did use the vacuum cleaner right away to test it out. One of the plus things about it is that its pretty noiseless. That is a big plus on my book since I always hated when a vacuum cleaner does a lot of noise when I am cleaning my house. It also isn’t as heavy as most vacuum cleaners. I don’t like to struggle either so this made cleaning the carpet a breeze in my house.

The great part is that it has a 30 foot cord so I can go a long way and get some good cleaning done before I need to unplug it and use it. Although if you are a bit lazy like me you may put a long extension cord so you don’t have to unplug it ever.

One more thing of note is that it says it has lifetime belts and filters. I will totally keep their word on this and if they break I am so going to cash this warranty in! I love a good long life product.

All and all, it is a great product and I do recommend it to everyone.