Monthly Archives: September 2013

I Bought New Furniture for My New House

I knew as soon as I bought my first house that I was going to buy new furniture to go with it. I had been renting a small one bedroom house, and all of the furniture had been hand me downs from relatives and friends. I already knew where I was going to order the furniture from too. I had been looking at different pieces of nathan furniture in wrexham, and I was excited when I was able to finally buy some pieces instead of just dreaming about it. The first thing I needed was to outfit my living room.

I knew that I wanted a sectional sofa, and I ordered the brown one I had been looking at for a few months now. I loved the way it mixed two patterns into one. The base as well as some of the pillows was brown leather, and some of the other pillows on top were a brown corduroy. It looked comfortable, and I couldn’t wait to stretch out on it and relax.