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Being Able to Send Cakes to Ahmedabad Made My Family Feel Closer

I had been wondering if there was an easy way to send cakes to ahmedabad in India. My niece was going to be celebrating her promotion to a higher grade level at her school. She is young and is very proud of her grades. She works very hard academically. Her desire is to one day be a doctor like me. I found a service online that will send gourmet quality cakes to many cities in India. Ahmedabad is just one of them.

There are a whole lot of cakes at the site I visited. It was hard to choose from among them. The pictures of them looked so delicious that they were making me hungry for a piece of cake. Chocolate is my favorite, and it is also a favorite of my young niece. I do not get to see her or her brother or my sister or brother-in-law very often. I have been here in the States since I started my medical residency. I now have my own private practice.

I was looking for a way to send cakes to Ahmedabad because her and I have talked on the phone and by email about cakes for celebrations ever since my wife and I were there to celebrate her last birthday. Continue reading