Finding out about money

The bad thing about growing up for me was that my parents taught me absolutely nothing about money. My parents were divorced, my mom lived pretty modestly, and I think my dad actively kept from talking about money in front of me for fear I would say something to my mother. Funny thing we do to kids I guess.

I certainly could have used some advice from a personal finance company when I grew up as I was pretty clueless. I studied it on my own and can remember the first time I heard about earning interest. My mom was getting a divorce from my step-dad and she opened up a savings account that got about 5% interest. I asked what interest was and she told me that she would earn 5% interest on her savings account compounded daily. The part I missed was that it was 5% annually, I thought it was daily. I got all excited when I told her that she would be rich in just a couple hundred days, but that actually would have taken a couple hundred years.

After getting into some trouble after my first divorce (wonder if I got that from my parents), I wound up needing to find a credit card for bad credit as after we split the bills my ex-wife didn’t pay the bills and they came after me for the money. Not realizing what it would do to my credit I refused to pay the bills and just let it destroy my credit.

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