I Am Ready for the Upcoming Birth Happening in a Couple of Months

Being a single mom, I mostly focused on all the basic essentials when I bought baby items. I am somewhat new to the area that I moved to right before I had my baby, so there was no baby shower for me. All of my friends live across the country in the state where I originally came from. But I have a good outlook and know that things will be fine because I’ve started to get to know the women at work. One of them just told me that I should get the best baby monitor like she has because it will be really helpful for keeping a watchful eye on the baby since I will be the only one getting up at night to care for him. It really made me happy to see that someone cares enough to share with me.

I was able to find a cute little cottage on a couple of acres of land. The agent who helped me find it said that this is relatively rare in my new city. Most rentals are snapped up within hours of being put up for rent, and most of them are cramped little places that go for big money.

The place that I found is rented out by a couple who have retired and they wanted to be able to help someone out by not charging too much, unlike so many other people in the area. I am so grateful for this because it is in a safe area and my child will have a nice big yard to play in when she gets older. The place is located off of the beaten path, so there’s no worry of a busy road being too close to the house. I really could not ask for anything more at this point, except for a healthy baby that is coming soon.

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