Starting to Think About the Security System

I am almost done with the construction phase of building the house, although what I have now is just something that looks like a house from the outside. I am doing this on a shoe string budget and getting help from some of my friends to help me finish the project. Of course I can do the drywall and the flooring myself, but I am looking at adding some smart home features. I will need to get a monitoring plan after I install the home security system, but you can go to some place like and find deals on that sort of thing fairly commonly. I am guessing that I can do better than the price that they are offering and in fact it is likely just about as good to only have the thieves think that you have a home security system. If you just have the little sign or the stickers on your window, then that is going to deter a lot of thieves after all.

Of course not all thieves are very bright and there is not a guarantee that you will have a burglar who can read English, or for that matter Spanish or some other other language. By definition a guy who breaks into a house is going to be a desperate sort of fellow and perhaps it might be someone who simply does not care about getting caught or anything else. It could be someone on one of these scary new drugs that makes people act like a maniac. I would obviously want to have plenty of warning before someone gets into my house and I would like to have the police on the way by the time I get my houserobe on. Of course I am going to want my 12 gauge too.

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